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18 Million People Were Involved In Serious Accidents Last Year

According to insurance company figures, approximately 18 million car accidents occurred last year involving major damage to vehicles. Almost every person involved in a car accident suffers a whiplash type injury to some degree. The symptoms do not always appear immediately following the accident. You may experience no pain or discomfort for weeks, months, or even years and then headaches, numbness in the arms and legs, stiffness in the neck and back, and degenerative joint changes may take place. It is vital to seek competent diagnosis and treatment following any auto accident.


Worker’s Compensation and Chiropractic Care On-The-Job Accidents
If you are a working man or woman, an occupational injury could place a great financial, emotional, and physical burden on you and your family. It is your right as an employee to be protected as much as possible in such a case. It is for this reason that Worker’s Compensation laws have been enacted in every state. Their intent is to assure the injured worker the best care available.

Specific terms vary from state to state, but in general this means you are entitled to complete coverage of healthcare expenses incurred due to an injury, and partial or complete compensation for loss of wages.

If you are injured, your most important consideration will be the type of care you choose since this will determine how much pain and anxiety you will have to suffer, and for how long.

An important provision of Worker’s Compensation, which is often overlooked, is the right to select the doctor and type of treatment which best suits your condition.

Back injuries are the most common of all job related injuries. These injuries can result from falls and lifting or moving heavy objects.

Upper back injuries (spinal sprain or wrenched back) often affect the arms and shoulders creating muscle soreness and pain. Often there is no position (standing, sitting, or lying) which will alleviate the discomfort.

Injury to the lower back (sacroiliac or lumbosacral sprain) may affect the use of the legs, creating extreme pain and disability. If, in the case of lower spinal sprain, the large sciatic nerve becomes involved, a severely painful condition and chronic weakness may result.

These are just a few of the most common on-the-job injuries.

Remember, Worker’s Compensation means that you are entitled to the best care available. That care can best be provided by a doctor experienced in accidental injuries.

Insurance Coverage
More than 1000 insurance companies pay for chiropractic services. Most car accident victims are covered by the driver’s liability policy, medical plan, group insurance, health and accident, and disability. Worker’s Compensation Insurance pays for on-the-job injuries. Our insurance department will be glad to assist you in filing any claim related to your injury or accident.



Putting the Pieces Together

Valuable Information For You and Your Family:

  1. No accidents leave more misery, suffering, disability, and expense than the whiplash and spinal related accidental injuries.

  2. Whiplash neck and back injuries are among the fastest growing health problems, leading the United States today in lost dollar cost of productivity, lost work days and disability.

  3. What is a whiplash injury? A whiplash is the result of sudden snapping of the head upon the neck vertebrae, either forward or backward, causing a wrenching of the vertebrae, tearing of the muscles and ligaments, and vertebral misalignments that may rupture discs or cause pressure and tension on the sensitive and delicate nerves that arise between the various neck vertebrae.

  4. The first three weeks after the injury is called “The Golden Period of Treatment”. If the treating physician does not fully understand the whiplash type or injury, serious consequences may follow.

    Unfortunately, ordinary doctors seldom understand the special threat that whiplash holds for the victim. Too often they only treat the victim for muscle spasm.

    Whiplash is the type of injury that requires special knowledge and experience, and requires more of a doctor’s time than other types on injuries. With out proper care and understanding, severe permanent injury may result.

    However, recent developments in chiropractic show that uncared for cases may still obtain a great deal of benefit even years after the injury.

  5. The degree of injury depends mostly on the forces and direction involved. For example – a car weighting 3000 pounds traveling only 25 miles per hour creates a force equal to 3,450 pounds. This means that several tons of force are exerted on the victim’s neck at the moment of impact.

  6. It is important to note that virtually every person involved in a moving vehicle accident suffers a whiplash injury to some degree. Its symptoms are not always readily clear. Some individuals may experience no pain or discomfort for weeks following an accident, BUT … it is very important to seek competent whiplash injury diagnosis and treatment from a chiropractic physician following any auto accident.

  7. A typical example of misunderstanding whiplash injury is the case of a young suburban housewife whose car was struck from behind as she was waiting for a traffic light near the local shopping center. There was only minor damage to her car, and at the time, no one seemed to be hurt. However, before she had finished shopping she developed a headache and noticed that her neck was stiff and sore. She went home and soon to bed, thinking the headache would go away.

    The next morning she felt even worse. She contacted her insurance company and was sent to their doctor for an examination. After the examination, she was told that the headache was temporary and would go away in a few days. The doctor’s attitude inferred that she might be looking for sympathy or a settlement.

    After several days without improvement, her husband took her to a specialist. The specialist told her that “these things take time” and that she should try to get more rest.

    The headache persisted and so did the stiff neck. She became nervous and irritable. She changed from a pleasant young wife and mother into an irritable nagging grouch that no one enjoyed being near. Later she began to lose the use of her left arm and hand. When this happened, her husband insisted that something more be done. Her father suggested a chiropractic examination. The husband agreed and the young woman was taken to a Doctor of Chiropractic.

    A preliminary chiropractic examination revealed the presence of pressure on a nerve in the upper part of the spine with impingement of the nerve supply to the arms. X-ray analysis revealed a slight displacement of two vertebrae. As long as this pressure was present, her condition could not improve.

  8. The following symptoms may be related to accidental injuries: headaches, numb arms, numb legs, stiff neck, sore neck, nervousness, insomnia, cold hands, neuritis, disability, pain in the hands, pain in the arms, shoulder pain, leg pain, knee pain, irritability, sciatica, dizziness, muscle spasms, back pain, pain between the shoulders, circulatory problems, slipped discs, visual disturbances, loss of time, degenerative changes, arthritis, painful joints, tension, restricted movement, fatigue, weak ligaments and muscles, sensitivity to light, pinched nerves, inability to concentrate, nausea, grip loss. Etc.

  9. REMEMBER … some of these symptoms may develop immediately after an accident, others may not develop until hours, weeks, months or years following the injury.

  10. The chiropractic physician is the doctor of choice in finding and correcting spinal misalignments and removing pressure on nerves.

  11. Accident victims that consult the Webb Clinic may receive a thorough x-ray, physical, orthopedic (bone) neurological(nerve), and vascular (blood vessel) examination. Special x-rays of the head and neck may be made with the head in flexion, extension, rotation, and tilt to determine whether or not bones are broken, ligaments are torn, bones are wrenched or twisted, and delicate, sensitive nerves are pinched.

  12. Every accident victim should have a thorough chiropractic examination. If you’ve had a whiplash accident or spinal injury, either recently or even years ago, consult the Webb Accident and Industrial Injury Clinic with confidence and prevent further suffering, disability and expense.